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Diversity Training Tools

Find stories and tools to foster diversity and inclusion in your town, school, agency or workplace.

Our resources have been used as diversity training materials in a variety of environments, from classrooms to boardrooms.

Not In Our Town is a movement to stop hate, racism and bullying, and build safe, inclusive communities for all. Not In Our Town films, new media, and organizing tools help local leaders build vibrant, diverse cities and towns, where everyone can participate.

We have been documenting best practices for more than 20 years. Our films and tools have been used in workplace trainings, classrooms, town halls, and police department roll calls.

Here are some easy ways to use free Not In Our Town materials in your diversity work.

Diversity Training Videos/Films

Many begin by using our short films or long-form PBS films to open the conversation about diversity. These films are a great place to start.

  • Embracing the Dream: MLK Short Film Collection with Discussion Guide
    • Dr. King’s work showed this country that change is possible, and the communities in Embracing the Dream: Lessons from the Not In Our Town Movement are living Stand Up MLK march imageproof that change is happening—town by town, school by school.
  • Mayor Pontieri: We Are All Immigrants
    • Patchogue, New York Mayor Paul Pontieri reflects on his family's history of immigration, his love of his hometown, and how his life has influenced his policy of inclusion for all Patchogue residents.
  • New Immigrants Share Their Stories
    • The students of Newcomers High School in Long Island City, which specializes in teaching recent immigrants, and those of St. Luke's, a private middle school in Manhattan, have come together to dialogue about difference and combat bias.
  • Waking in Oak Creek
    • Waking In Oak Creek profiles a suburban town rocked by hate after six worshippers at a Sikh Temple are killed by a white supremacist.

Diversity Training Activities

  • Activity Guide: Stereotype Pool
    • This popular activity was inspired by a Not In Our School campaign but remains an effective way to talk about bias in a hands-on way. The activity can be easily adapted Mississippi diversity dialogue for all age levels.
  • Gather for a Community Photo
    • This great annual event is a way to showcase community diversity.
  • A Novel Approach To Talking About Diversity
    • The Fort Collins Not In Our Town Alliance (NIOTA) created a book club to bring community members together to discuss issues of acceptance, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Welcome Signs
    • Communities send a visible message against hate and promoting diversity and inclusion
  • One Mississippi: Creating Dialogue on Campus
    • Leaders of One Mississippi, a student group devoted to bridging racial and social barriers at the University of Mississippi, bring students together for a dialogue meeting about their hopes and fears for the organization.

Take Action, Together

Looking for more? Take action with our Quick Start Guides. 

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