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Waking In Oak Creek: Web Extras

After suffering a violent hate crime at the local Sikh temple, the town of Oak Creek, WI was awakened and transformed as the community came together to stand against hate. The NIOT film Waking in Oak Creek details the actions taken by local leaders to stop violence and curb prejudice, and now you can learn more about Oak Creek through these extra clips and extended scenes. 

Web Extras: 

Oak Creek Heroes Awarded Badge of Bravery

Oak Creek police officers Lt. Brian Murphy, who was shot 15 times in the line of duty, and Officer Sam Lenda were awarded the Congressional Badge of Bravery in honor of their heroic actions on Aug. 5, 2012, when they intervened during a hate crime attack at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, WI.

Students Send a Symbol of Peace to Oak Creek, WI

Students at Norwood Junior High School in Sacramento, CA send paper cranes as a symbol of peace and healing to the community of Oak Creek, WI after a deadly hate attack at The Sikh Temple. 


Sikh Temple Memorial: Law Enforcement Remarks

On the one year anniversary of the Oak Creek, WI hate crime killings at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, law enforcement leaders honor those who lost their lives. This video includes remarks from Oak Creek Lt. Brian Murphy, a first responder at the Temple who was shot 15 times; Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards; and US Attorney James Santelle.


Bring Waking in Oak Creek to your town or school. Click here to request the DVD and get a discussion guide and lesson plan to pair with your screening.


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