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What do YOU say?

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bullying hurts



Entering High school is pretty terrifying for most kids.  A 9th grader is still pretty much a child, a senior is an individual moving into adulthood trying to prove themselves without always knowing the responsibility or the right direction to direct that. 

I think a program where every senior boy and girl is assigned a little brother or sister would help cut down on bullying.  The first day of school should be all available parents, the Senior, and the Little Brother or sister meeting, and showing the freshmen where all there classes are, take them to lunch, and make it a graded class.  Give the potential bullies a vested interest in looking after the younger kids.  If they do a bad job they don't play football, wrestle, basketball, band, what have you.  They should also in some way be responsible for mentoring them academically.  If they do a good or great job they should be rewarded.  Of course it's not a total solution, and it would take a lot of effort to manage, but I think it would cut down on some of the bullying

     We have to protect the group who are gong to the high school. No bullying ,NO hurt. And give some direction to those children. To take care their feeling and study environment. 

I am 59 years old and still suffer from bullying. It doesn't stop when you are done with school. It's the same when you enter the workplace.

 First of all,if you learn to be your own best friend,keep your heart,mind and soul fo cussed on God,spend your spare time with others who are less fortunate than you or shut in and become their friends,and surround yourself with only like-minded service-oriented folks ,eventually you'll feel too Blessed to notice or feel the effects of Bullies. If you are responding to bullies in a submissive s,pleading way,you give them power over you. Ignore the Ignorant ,Side-step the Stupid and report any violence towards you or your property to the Police immediately.