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Lauri Massari: How We Started Not In Our School

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Middle School (6-8)

Lauri Massari: How We Started Not In Our School (Class Actions video extra)

Learn how one middle school counselor created an anti-bullying program at her school and spread it to the entire community.

This is a DVD extra from the PBS program, Not In Our Town: Class Actions. For more information on the film, visit

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It started in Kindergarden being called names about how small I was.  I was also called a "N" lover because I had friends of color.  As I got older by 6th grade I was teased called Rabbit because my teeth were so big.  By Jr. High I was called bones, mouse, short and the list goes on about skinny short people.  In Jr.High school 9th grade a girl threatened to beat me up because I was friends with someone she didn't like.  It ended good as we all became friends.

My sophomore year two jocks threw me into the garbage can because I walked down the Senior Walkway that I didn't know about. 

Now I'm teased but I can handle it and it seems different.  But I'm an advocate on no tolerance to bullying aka teasing, etc.  When it comes to teasing me as an adult I make the call and control it and if it hurts me I tell them.  I'm trying to present to young people to be an active bystander with the person being picked on (bullying).



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