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What Are You Doing For Bullying Prevention Month?

Not In Our School is presenting a free Bullying Prevention Month Online Film Festival and we are writing to ask you to help prevent bullying by sharing these videos with your friends, families, classmates, and communities. In the past two weeks we have seen many great films that have started even more great conversations! If you are just now joining the party, you can find the online film festival grounds here or follow the NIOS Facebook page to catch new daily films about standing up to bullying and intolerance.

Here are a few favorites that have been featured so far:


Shajee's Story: Middle School Students Learn About Islam

Shajee's Story: Shajee is a high school student who has come to answer questions and ultimately break down some pervasive negative stereotypes about growing up as a typical American teenager and a Muslim. It is a must-see, especially when Shajee surprises everyone with an original rap at the end.  

Our Family: A Film About Family Diversity

Our Family is a film that helps kids understand there are many kinds of families, to help them appreciate their own family configuration, and to be open to those who are different from them. 


A Bully Story

Bully Story is created and produced entirely by students! They document the experience of a middle school student who was bullied by her best friend, and how she worked through it with the help of classmates who said “Not In Our School.”

The films are centered around weekly themes, so tune in for your favorite topics! Friday films will focus on elementary schools.
  • Week 1: Bullying Prevention
  • Week 2: Upstanders
  • Week 3: Diversity
  • Week 4: Student Leadership
NIOS would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to our official partners who have taken a fearless stand against bullying and helped share our film festival:


Remember to check back in at the festival site or on the NIOS facebook page to catch all the upcoming films! Share the films with your friends, and share your comments with us! 

NIOS would also love to feature YOUR films, so make your own video and submit it to info@niot.org. We also encourage you to submit your videos to the No Bull Challenge, a yearly youth-focused contest for films about ending bullying. Entries for the 2016-17 year are open now. Find out more about the video challenge here!

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