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Watchung White Out, NIOS Ally Named Upstander of the Week

Watchung, NJ High School’s White Out

The students of Watchung Hills Regional High School in Watchung, NJ will host a “White Out Against Bullying” event on March 8. The students have had white shirts printed with the slogan “Not In Our Schools,” which can be purchased on the school website. They also encouraged the Watchung Borough Council to participate and wear white in solidarity with their school’s anti-bullying efforts. The White Out is part of a weeklong initiative to promote anti-bullying, diversity and other issues.

We are excited to hear about the ongoing initiatives in Watchung to end bullying in their community. Watchung students and their teachers, Mary Sok and Jamie Lott-Jones, were previously featured in our video, “Students Take on Cyberbullying.” 

Susan Guess is Upstander of the Week!

Susan Guess, who was featured in our NIOS blog about how she spearheaded a Not In Our Town campaign in Paducah, KY was picked as “Upstander of the Week” on the Bully movie’s Facebook page! Susan is now working to start a Not In Our State task force. Congratulations, Susan!

The Bully movie is on DVD now and you can pre-order the DVD and Educator kit here

Teacher Wants Separate Prom for LGBT Students

Diana Medley, a special education teacher in Indiana, is petitioning to have a separate prom for LGBT students, according to the New Civil Rights Movement. Unfortunately, she is not alone in her beliefs: Parents and students are joining her in an effort to raise money for a “traditional” prom that would ban LGBT student attendance. Sullivan High School is still planning to have a single, official prom that includes everyone and has garnered a lot of support on Facebook. We stand with Sullivan High School and hope that the prom continues to be inclusive and accepting of everyone.

Jeremy Lin in “The Last Pick”

Jeremy Lin, point guard for the Houston Rockets, stars in this short film “The Last Pick” by The Jubilee Project. This heartwarming and inspirational film shows Jeremy Lin befriending a young fan, Chris who needed encouragement and support. Chris' older brother makes him feel like he isn’t good enough to play basketball, and he is always the last pick when they play. He meets Jeremy Lin, who inspires him to believe in himself, and in turn, inspires Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin attended high school at one of the first NIOS high schools—we are proud of his accomplishments and this film!

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