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Three Stories of Courage

A woman attends the vigil honoring Marcelo Lucero. Featured in our film, Light in the Darkness, which premiered nationally on PBS in September.

At a moment when our country is deeply divided and facing financial stress and crisis, we need the narratives that can lead us away from blame and scapegoating toward the better angels of our nature.

We share stories about people like you who are willing to stand up for their neighbors. Our goal is to support the amazing force of people who stand up to hate and intolerance and work to create better, safer, more inclusive places for all of us to live together.

And we're proud of our contributions to this effort in 2011.

This year, our PBS film Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness reached 1 million people on television and inspired more than 200 communities to gather and watch and discuss the film together. The film tells the story of people in a Long Island Village who are working to repair the fabric of town life after a series of attacks against Latino residents culminated with the murder of a 13-year town resident.

At the end of this successful year, we wanted to share three inspiring stories. Below, you'll find videos and links to stories that have spread across the country.

Not in Our Town: Class Actions features three stories of students and their communities standing together to stop hate and bullying. Premieres on PBS stations in 2012.

We're asking you to share them with family and friends. We're also asking you to think about Not In Our Town when you consider your gift giving this year. We're not a well-endowed organization, but a small nonprofit that has a tremendous impact. Your donations will be carefully used to present stories and resources that can help all of us--town by town, school by school--in the coming year.




Here are our stories.

Light in the Darkness, Full Film on PBS

"Students Map Bully Zones to Create a Safer School" 
Short film, Not In Our School

Community Responses to Hate Groups
Short Film Collection 


Here's how you can make a contribution to help us spread our new film Not In Our Town: Class Actions to schools, campuses and communities across the country. 

Thank you and happy holidays,
The Not In Our Town team


Not In Our Town is a project of The Working Group, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. All donations to The Working Group are tax deductible. Donations can be dedicated to a person of your choosing. 


 I also saw the movie and to be honest, it made me cry! It was so meaningful and heart touching and hurtful as well. I would love to join the community if I get a chance! 

 I think that it is a great idea to help to stop intolerance, but we have to get united to do that and even more. If we are all together we can do more for our world. Let's stop hate!

I think NOT IN OWR TIME is one of the best organization in thuis  country because They work with that children in different school teasching and help understand that discrimination, hate and racism are bad thing that can destroy our life forever. So In this organization made many thiong to finish with all this thing and have a safe community to live. 

I made this ANTI BULLYING video as a public service announcement. Bullying is becoming a growing epidemic all over the world. PLEASE SHARE my video and help bring awareness. I'm sure everyone has experienced or knows someone that has gone t...hrough the pain of being bullied. Some of the stories I read are heart wrenching. The importance of teaching our kids respect to one another is critical. It starts at HOME! IT STARTS with being a good, kind. thoughtful and respectful parents ourselves. -IMAGINATORr-


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