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NIOS 2012 Art Contest Winners

Not In Our School wishes to thank all of the students who submitted artwork to the 2012 Not In Our School Class Actions Campaign Art Contest. We had more than 40 submissions this year from students all across the country!
All the pieces demonstrated the creativity and imagination of the artists who made them. Six students’ unique designs stood out for their ability to clearly translate the words “Not In Our School” into visually-striking images with a message of inclusion.
We are happy to award these six students for their inspired work and the commitment that they have made to stand up against bullying in their schools.
“No Bullying” by Zahir Rosa, Grade 5, Massachusetts
“Bullying Stops Now!” by Miara Gonzalez, Grade 5, Massachusetts
“Racial Intolerance? Not In Our School!” by Sadhana Durbha, Grade 7, Georgia
“It’s a Crime in My Town” by Ji Soo Hwang, Grade 11, Massachusetts
Community (1st Runner Up)
“Community” by Maris Ryckman, Grade 11, Michigan
“Help Someone” by Leonie Middeke, Grade 12, West Virginia
Congratulations again to our six winners! Though we could only give out six prizes this year, we were deeply impressed by many of the student submissions, and would like to share some of them with you below.


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