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New NIOS Resources for the New School Year

Closed captioning on NIOS films
This summer Not In Our School was approached by the California School of the Deaf, who is about to start their NIOS campaign this fall. They asked us how many NIOS films were accessible with closed captions. Up until now, we only had closed captions for our PBS films. However, thanks to our wonderful interns this summer who moved into action, we now have 17 of our most popular films with accurate closed captions on YouTube!
To access the films go to this link. Please let us know if you used the closed caption option and how it worked for you.

Launch Not In Our School with a NIOS campaign package

Starting this fall, NIOS will add a new package to our workshop offerings. The package includes a menu of choices. Participants can select three options from the following:
1.   NIOS launch assembly
2.   a student leadership training or a staff training
3.   a parent meeting or a community town hall meeting
This package* supports educators and students launch a NIOS campaign that does the following:
  • teaches all students to move from bystanders to becoming upstanders, not just intervening, but shifting the culture of the school
  • puts students in the driver’s seat for schoolwide anti-bullying efforts
  • helps students who do the bullying shift their self-image and change their behavior
  • gets the whole community involved in efforts for sustained change to create inclusive environments
To find out more and schedule your launch contact NIOS at
*Packages also include 2 free registrations for the NIOT National Gathering in June 2014

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