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How Can We Support Each Other in the Face of Relentless Mass Violence?


Our communities in California and across our country are reeling from the impact of the tragic and senseless violence that took the lives of 11 people with at least 9 injured in Monterey Park, California on Saturday, January 21, 2023. Just two days later, another mass shooting took the lives of seven people in Half Moon Bay, CA. 

We stand in solidarity with our national and local Asian Pacific Islander (AAPI) partners and communities at large in denouncing the destructive harm inflicted by Saturday’s shooting that occurred as many celebrated the hope that signifies the Lunar New Year. The Star Dance Studio is a place where many Chinese Americans and immigrants find happiness and connection through movement and dance, such as the cha-cha and rumba. Known for its welcoming spirit, the close-knit people of Monterey Park joined the growing number of other groups also impacted by communal trauma. The Half Moon Bay community in San Mateo County is also a thriving and close knit community that takes pride in the diversity of its residents.  

The threats of violence have become all too common in America. May we all join in supporting each other through our collective trauma and dedicating ourselves to preventing violence directed at any community.

We join with Not In Our Town communities in reaching out to all those who are impacted by violence. We must especially be sensitive to the acute impact felt by already marginalized communities as they face significant challenges to heal in the aftermath of horrific tragedy. We are heartened by the API leadership and that both of these communities have set up significant support systems in the aftermath to help residents reclaim a sense of safety.

Here are some ways to stand up and support each other.

Community of Half Moon Bay

Monterey Park, California 

Support the API community of Monterey Park

Donation Fund with Asian Americans Advancing Justice Southern California

Monterey County Resources 

API Treatment resources

NAMI California’s list of AAPI mental health resources

Finding a therapist near you

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, 24/7 Access Line 1-800-854-7771

Institute on Aging's 24/7 Friendship Line (especially for people who have disabilities or are over 60), 1-800-971-0016 or call 415-750-4138 to volunteer

API Educational Resources

AAPI Resources for Educators

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

11 Resources for Teaching About AAPI Experiences 




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