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Heal Ferguson Concert Calls for Peace and Unity

This clip from Fox2 St. Louis features a September concert organized by soul singer Brian Owens in the parking lot of his Ferguson church. He hoped the musical event would help Ferguson heal and inspire adults to get involved in the lives of young people. 

According to Fox2:

Owens worships at the Ferguson Heights Church of Christ and felt compelled to help Ferguson heal. “I hope that everyone will take what happened to heart, put their feet to the ground, put their hands to the plow and really get involved,” said Owens.

The Heal Ferguson Concert was a call for peace and unity.  One performer, Nao Yoshioka, traveled all the way from Japan.  Member of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra also performed.  Owens was moved by a diverse turnout.  He said it’s an example of the power of music.

The concert highlighted the Ferguson Youth Initiative.  The program provides mentoring for youth.  It also provides incentives for youth to complete the program.

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