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Girl Scouts & Moms Stand Up to Bullying

Girl Scouts Promote Anti-bullying Message

A group of 5th-grade girls are ready to change the world.

Members of Junior Girl Scout Troop 20384 are sending the message ‘Be a Buddy, Not a Bully,’ by working on a Bronze Award project as part of their effort to stop bullying.

The troop shared their anti-bullying message using a PowerPoint presentation, a coloring page, and word searches at a National Day of Service event held at a local high school, according to The Alternative Press. These resources will be used in a local elementary school’s anti-bullying curriculum.


Students & Educators March Against Bullying

A group of 250 students, parents, and educators wearing T-shirts from the Safe School Ambassadors program marched to end bullying in Wyoming. This was the third annual anti-bullying march planned by high school students in Cheyenne.

“Safe School Ambassadors are courageous, committed and skilled students who are trained to prevent and stop exclusion, teasing, bullying and other forms of violence,” Carrisa Pickard, junior at South High told Wyoming News.

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California Moms Stand up to Bullying

The organization “Mommies Against Bullying” held an anti-bullying event at a community fair in Apple Valley, CA. The fair included music, a bounce house for kids, and local vendors.

“It needs to stop,” said Elizabeth Taylor, an Apple Valley resident and mother of three girls, according to Valley Daily Press. Sabrina, Taylor’s 13-year-old daughter had been bullied, eventually attending a different school as a result.
Click here for more information about “Mommies Against Bullying.”

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