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A Film with a Message of Hope for Hanukkah

As the Hanukkah festival begins, a time of celebration is also a moment when we reflect on the dangerous threats the Jewish community is facing at this moment. Just five weeks since the hate attack where eleven worshippers lost their lives at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, we’ve seen anti-Semitic attacks spread, from college campuses in New York to Wisconsin high school.

Hanukkah is the eight day Jewish celebration of freedom of religion. Every night families light candles together. During this Festival of Lights, Not In Our Town is sharing a message of hope that we can work together to stop the rise in anti-Semitism, bigotry, hate, and violence that has shaken our communities.

In this excerpt from the original Not In Our Town film, the people of Billings, Montana united when white supremacists targeted their town. After a Jewish boy’s window was shattered during Hanukkah, 10,000 community members put menorahs in their windows as a sign of support and solidarity.

As many Americans light the beautiful candles this year, let’s pledge to engage deeper and wider to build communities where everyone can feel safe. We can Stop Hate Together.

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