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Earn Units While Launching Your Not In Our School Campaign

NIOS is glad to have our course be the culminating class to get a Bullying Prevention Certificate through the University of San Diego Continuing Education. Why get a certificate? It will prepare you to support students and be a leader at your site. It will also improve your employability as an educator who is versed in the latest anti-bullying strategies.
Courses in the Bullying Prevention in Our Schools certificate program are:  
    • Bullying:  An Introduction (3 units)
    • Bullying:  Issues of Gender and Race (2 units)
    • Bullying on the Internet (2 units)
    • Bullying:  Prevention (2 units)
  • EDU-X768I Not In Our School:  Strategies to Address Bullying and Intolerance and Create Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools (2 units)
We began the NIOS course offering in early 2013 and the first group of students already sponsored their Nanti-bullying campaigns. Evelyn Montgomery, who has recently took this course has started her own NIOS campaign  at Wilson Elementary School on the Fort Benning, Georgia Military Base. It was even written up in their local newspaper! The next group of USD students is about to launch their campaigns.  
Please note that  is a seven-week course and the prerequisites from the Bullying Certificate are not required. 

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