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Create a Plan to End Bullying and Intolerance in Your School and Community

University of San Diego

Not In Our School: Strategies to Address Bullying and Intolerance by Creating Safe, Inclusive, and Accepting Schools, a 2-unit online course offered through the University of San Diego, gives educators and administrators tools for preventing and addressing bullying, and supporting a positive, identity-safe school climate. 

This course can be taken individually or as part of the University of San Diego Bullying Prevention in Our Schools Certificate program.     


Instructor: Becki Cohn-Vargas, Ed.D., Not In Our School Director

Course Dates: Jan. 27, 2015 to Mar. 16, 2015

Course registration is now open.            


Learner Outcomes                                    

  • Review the latest research on bullying and intolerance in schools and the social psychological research on reducing prejudice
  • Understand the impact of bullying and intolerance, specifically racism, sexism, religious and anti-gay bigotry, and the dynamics of peer pressure and bullying based on physical appearance and disability
  • Devise tools for assessing bullying and intolerance on your campus
  • Explore best practices for addressing bullying and intolerance through dialogue, peer-led initiatives and turning bystanders into upstanders
  • Develop skills and a tool kit of resources to address bullying and intolerance
  • Implement cross-curricular applications that integrate with the Common Core Standards
  • Understand the impact of stereotypes, stereotype threats and identity safety and how to create safe, inclusive and accepting positive climates
  • Start a Not In Our School campaign in your classroom, school and district

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