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Hate, Bullying and Intolerance: Not On Our Campus Five Ways to Move into Action   Not On Our Campus (NOOC) offers solutions-based strategies and tools for change to a network of colleges and universities working to create welcoming and inclusive climates.  Change begins with these five steps. Go to niot.org/project/notonourcampus to find out what others campuses have done.  1. Recognize and respond. Challenge all members...
This is a background piece on the meaning of a "hate crime" in the five-part series published by our public media partners at Fronteras. Defining Hate CrimesBy Jude Joffe-BlockPHOENIX — This week we launch our five-part Fronteras Desk series, The Search For Tolerance. Five reporters in five cities checked on the ways that communities are trying to prevent hate crimes. The stories air on several public radio...
 The Need for Hate Crime LawsMotivated by a hateful ideology, perpetrators of hate crime seek to terrorize not just an individual, but a victim's entire community. Without a swift response, these crimes can spiral into increased tension, hostility and violence. However, when combined with positive community action, the enforcement of hate crime laws can send a powerful, countervailing message which reassures victims and shuns...
"Sshh, the University of Mississippi is being integrated," they said, and I remember glancing at the television set and seeing mean faces. I remember very, very angry people, and I simply remember saying to myself, "I would never go to a place like that.”—Dr. Donald Cole, Assistant Provost, University of Mississippi, on learning about the integration of the university in 1962.Here is an extended transcript of Not In...
“We felt like we were part of something bigger, sharing what we were doing, and the idea of being leaders was very inspiring.” — Becki Cohn Vargas, Ed.D. Dr. Becki Cohn-Vargas is a veteran educator and longtime ally of Not In Our Town. In this piece, penned in 2008, Dr. Cohn-Vargas lays out the lessons from the Palo Alto Unified School District, which embraced Not In Our School activities in 2007. Although Dr. Cohn-Vargas is no...
"Who is this group that's coming? And I realized ... it's Fred Phelps and my heart just dropped. I can't believe they're coming. Why us? Out of all the schools, why us?" —Daisy Renazco, Gunn High School teacher02/2011—Above is one of NIOT.org's most popular videos, "Gunn High School Sings Away Hate Group," which has garnered more than 225,000 views on our YouTube channel. Ellen DeGeneres, in a Tweet, said she was...
Our original Not In Our Town film sparked a movement. Citizens across the United States came together to stop hate in their respective towns. And college students were no exception.Michigan State University, University of South Alabama, Knox College (Illinois), University of Akron (Ohio), University of Utah, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Cornell University, Ithaca College, University of Wisconsin, and John Carroll University (...