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Universities Speak Out Against Intolerance + More

Bowling Green Community Stands Together Against Racist Tweets, Again

Round Up: Election Night Protests, Tigers’ Delmon Young & Transgender Victims

Ole Miss Students Hold Vigil After Election Night Protests

Last week, University of Mississippi students stood up to another divisive protest. On Election Night, after the re-election of President Barack Obama, more than 400 students gathered to protest, yell racial epithets and burn an Obama campaign sign.

Class Actions Video Extra—Dr. Cole: An Ole Miss Legacy

"We were at a football game where everyone is cheering and the spirits are fairly high and these words began to echo. So what's the meaning of those words? How do I interpret those words? How do I feel about those particular words, 'The South will rise again'?

I'm a Southerner, Daddy was a Southerner, my Granddaddy, etc. And of course, the South in its heyday had individuals likened to me in slavery type of conditions."

Class Actions Video Extra—One Mississippi: Creating Dialogue On Campus

"My hope is progress because with all the things that we’ve done with One Mississippi—like we took a stand against the KKK when they came and the chant, and we’re trying to change the way people think about Ole Miss—I hope we continue to do the right thing."

Class Actions: Talk About It

Class Actions: Talk About It

Talk About It. Your reactions to Not In Our Town: Class Actions.

Ole Miss: Facing the Change

Not In Our Town: Class ActionsAt the University of Mississippi, a segregationist chant and Ku Klux Klan rally threaten to divide the campus community, but student leaders and their chancellor take a stand against hate and intolerance. This story is part of the Not In Our Town program, Class Actions, that premieres nationwide on PBS stations in February 2012.