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Profile: Anti-Bullying Work is an Educator’s Work

Profile: Parent Susan Guess Stands Up to Bullying in Kentucky


If you ever wondered what one person can do, meet Susan Guess. After her 8-year old daughter was bullied two years ago, she moved into action together with her daughter to raise awareness and get her whole community involved in anti-bullying activities.  

Bullying: In the Trenches, We Can’t Wait for a Definition


Originally published on Edutopia

By Dr. Becki Cohn-Vargas, Not In Our School Director

Not In Our School Messages on Disney + Bikers Against Bullying

During National Bullying Prevention Month we witnessed countless inspring stories of standing up. Here are two videos that feature the Not In Our School model on the Disney Channel and KPIX in San Francisco.
Disney Channel Showcases Student Upstanders
Now you can tune into the Disney Channel to see an anti-bullying campaign in action!

Bullying & Yo-Yo Tricks, Segregated Sororities + More


Georgia elementary school’s NIOS campaign uses a touch of magic

Students Address Racial Cliques at National PTA Youth Leadership Summit

Student presentation on addressing racial cliques in high school

By Becki Cohn-Vargas, Not In Our School Director

IL Uses Anti-Bullying Films & Resources, DOE Guidance on Students with Disabilities + More


Earn Units While Launching Your Not In Our School Campaign

NIOS is glad to have our course be the culminating class to get a Bullying Prevention Certificate through the University of San Diego Continuing Education. Why get a certificate? It will prepare you to support students and be a leader at your site. It will also improve your employability as an educator who is versed in the latest anti-bullying strategies.

New NIOS Resources for the New School Year

Closed captioning on NIOS films

NIOS Film Fictionalized in YA Novel, Comic-Con Takes on Bullying + More


NIOS Film Fictionalized in Novel