The Bus, This Time: How One Town is Mobilizing to Take on Bullying

It’s hard not to cry, or feel like you’ve been punched in the gut while watching the ten minutes of horrendous bullying and harassment that Upstate New York grandmother and school bus monitor was subjected to by a group of middle school students. 

Profile: Mom & Daughter Create Bully-Free Community in Prospect Park, PA

Tracy Maier attends an awards ceremony for daughter Hanna, as she receives the Upstander of the Week award from The Bully Project

To Address Bullying, Parents Need to Talk About Difference

By Micaela Presti

Micaela Presti and her sonsA child is not born a bully. It is a learned behavior and adults need to make sure they are role modeling for the children of our communities the importance of respect, tolerance and empathy.

Repairing Hearts: Take a Stand Against Hate and Bullying

There are important lessons on both bullying and speaking up that are happening right in front of our eyes.

Size Matters: Bullying & Stigmatization


By Dana Schuster

Profile: Parent Susan Guess Stands Up to Bullying in Kentucky


If you ever wondered what one person can do, meet Susan Guess. After her 8-year old daughter was bullied two years ago, she moved into action together with her daughter to raise awareness and get her whole community involved in anti-bullying activities.  

Tourette to TV: Hayley Speaks Out


By Hayley Gripp

Bullying: In the Trenches, We Can’t Wait for a Definition


Originally published on Edutopia

By Dr. Becki Cohn-Vargas, Not In Our School Director

Not In Our School Messages on Disney + Bikers Against Bullying

During National Bullying Prevention Month we witnessed countless inspring stories of standing up. Here are two videos that feature the Not In Our School model on the Disney Channel and KPIX in San Francisco.
Disney Channel Showcases Student Upstanders
Now you can tune into the Disney Channel to see an anti-bullying campaign in action!